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Are you listening?

George P Johnson’s Gareth Dimelow discusses the importance of listening to your audience.

There’s no doubt about it. Budgets are a pain in the neck, whoever you are.

If you’re an agency, it seems there’s never enough to realise the creative vision you’ve developed for your client. If you’re a supplier, there’s a risk that someone else with greater economies of scale might undercut you to win the business.

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The curse of content

One of the problems with having a blog is thinking of a topic worth writing about. The log-in details sit in your inbox, quietly taunting you about your underwhelming output. “Write something. Anything!” your brain implores you – the blog needs content. And it demands to be fed.

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Watch your language

Does it matter whether we define the thing we do as events, experiential activations or experience marketing, asks George P Johnson’s Gareth Dimelow in his first blog for Event.

I was lucky enough to be invited to chair a panel discussion about the events and live experience industry, as part of the SohoCreate festival this month. I was joined by David Zolkwer, Debs Armstrong and Cat Botibol, and together we spent a lively hour discussing the inspiration, perspiration and frustration that makes ours such a uniquely challenging and rewarding industry.

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